01. The Challenge

Create a 1/6 scale model showcasing a design concept for the world’s next-generation space telescope. The model must be capable of highlighting the primary mirror, sunshield, and an accelerated deployment sequence.

02. The Solution

Build a fully mechanized, computer controlled representation utilizing materials and components including: 3D printing, Kapton, polycarbonate, various plastics, and high torque electric motors.

03. The Result

The model enabled Ball Aerospace to supplement and win the proposal for the contract to build the advanced optical technology, lightweight mirror system, and mirror control electronics. The telescope launched in December of 2021.

Client: Ball Aerospace

Role: Model Builder and Concept Artist

JWST Model Deployment Test

Following completion of the model structure, electrical wiring, and coding of the deployment sequence computer program, the model underwent its first full deployment test.

Primary Mirror Structure

Detail: Stowed and Deployed